Welcome Prof. I-Shyan Hwang from University at Buffalo-SUNY, Taiwan, China to be keynote speaker!

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Prof. I-Shyan Hwang

University at Buffalo-SUNY, Taiwan, China

Research Area:

Optical-network-based SDN Infrastructure over Cloud Computing, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Multimedia Services over Fiber Optic Networks, Performance Design & Evaluation

Title:A Perspective Fiber-Mobile Convergence for 5G/IoT Networks


In enabling these new use cases, 5G/IoT evolves existing technologies and introduces new capabilities, such as New Radio, a strong reliance on virtualized functions, the introduction of network slicing and control and user plane separation to boost capacity, i.e., enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB). To host new ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (uRLLC) and massive Machine-Type Communication (mMTC) applications efficiently, it will need to be able to integrate regional data centers and distributed compute seamlessly - closer to the endpoints in the network. In addition to the pure mobility requirements, operators must also consider how their network caters to the different classes of services and huge volume of multimedia data they deliver, such as fixed line and broadband customers, as well as supporting the different customer types – all regardless of access technology. This talk Introduces how such a converged Fiber-Mobile-Xhaul transport network for 5G/IoT can be realized, starting with new requirements it must meet; the new technologies it needs to deploy 5G-capable services; and finally, the design features necessary to cost-effectively build and operate it.