Welcome Prof. Shujun LI from University of Kent, UK to be keynote speaker!

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Prof Shujun LI 

Kent Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Cyber Security (KirCCS), University of Kent

Research Area:  cyber security, human factors, digital forensics and cybercrime, and multimedia computing.

Speech Title: When will passwords die? Research challenges and opportunities in user authentication


Passwords have been with us since ancient times, and their use on digital computers have lasted for over half a century. In the past many experts repeatedly predicted that passwords would soon die. However, all such predictions have been proven wrong and today we are still living in a world full of passwords. In this talk the speaker will share his thoughts on challenges and opportunities in this important area of cyber security research. He will discuss with the audience on why passwords haven't died and why other authentication factors and multi-factor authentication haven't managed to make passwords obsolete yet. He will go beyond textual passwords to cover more knowledge-based user authentication methods such as graphical passwords, advanced threats especially side channel attacks and malicious observers such as shoulder surfers and keyloggers, and other related security mechanisms such as password policies. He will introduce some of his past and ongoing research work in this area, and call for more research on some less investigated sub-areas in user authentication.